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Concerned that Dirt, Mold, Bugs, and Mites are living in your Duct System?

We get rid of it all.

When your concern is keeping a healthy environment for your family, All Brite makes Air Duct Cleaning simple and hassle-free in DuPage County IL and greater Chicagoland.  You’ll see the dirt and debris we remove and how clean your duct system now is.

60% of the homes in America are heated with gas-fired forced air furnaces.  Over time, your ductwork can become littered and filled with dust, debris, and a host of other unthinkable matters.  These contaminants recirculate unhealthy dust-filled breathing air and eventually make their way into our lungs, every day.

As a result, your ductwork will, at some point, need cleaning.  The drawback is that Air Duct Cleaning is not a do-it-yourself job.  Therefore, you will need to hire a professional.

The most difficult part is that this Industry is a highly competitive one.  You’ll be confronted with a lot of information.  Your part is having to filter through when selecting the right professional cleaners.

All Brite offers professional cleaning and restoration services all across greater Chicagoland.  We service a total of 9 counties, though the majority of our business for Air Duct Cleaning comes from DuPage County IL.

Our technicians are professionally trained and provide ethical and high-quality concern.  You’ll have a worry-free, professional and premium experience, whether it’s your home, school, or workplace!

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Our technicians always come across a few homes that manage to surprise us.  Despite having done quite a bit of Air Duct Cleaning in DuPage County IL and greater Chicagoland, the amount of dust and dirt that manages to pile up is shocking.

Dust mites, mold, and animal dander tend to collect in the home.  These and other contaminants tend to be found even in some of the cleanest homes.  A Ventilation System can house many triggers for those with allergies to dust and allergens.  Especially one that’s been neglected for years.

These triggers can be found hanging about on furniture and floors and floating about producing unhealthy breathing air.  At All Brite, we undertake all sorts of Air Duct Cleaning in DuPage County IL and greater Chicagoland.

It is important to understand that it’s normal for Cold Air Returns, Trunk Lines, and Ductwork to collect debris.

More and more dust and contaminants get pulled into the HVAC system every time the Furnace Blower turns on.  As a result, this then recirculates its way back into our home, school, or workplace several times each day over the course of many years.

Can Air Ducts really get that dirty?

Factors like airborne dust are only the beginning.  The root of the problem starts outside.  Cars and trucks tend to kick up dust and dirt as they pass through our streets and highways.  High winds carry dust, along with dust, pollen, and allergens from our lawns, into our home through our doors and windows.

And if you’re a human with lots of compassion for animals, you’ll typically have pets at home.  More than likely you can go on record and add the factor of pet hair and animal dander from house pets.

What about a home remodel?  Yes, add-in contaminants like construction dust, debris, and dirt from carpenters and drywallers.In short, you have a health hazard on your hands from an overabundant list after years of accumulation.

In short, you have a health hazard on your hands from an overabundant list of causes.  Now, consider the age of your home.  Think about the collection of all of these triggers, after years of accumulation, inside your ductwork.  Has your Air Duct System ever been cleaned by a professional hired by you or the previous occupants?

These are the reasons you need to contact professionals for Air Duct Cleaning in DuPage County IL and greater Chicagoland, right away.

How a furnace system works

Understanding why cleaning your Air Duct System starts with understanding how a furnace system works.  Think of your Air Duct System in terms of being the lungs of your home, breathing air in and exhaling air out.

When you need to warm or cool your home, air is delivered to the furnace unit through the cold air returns.  The returns are your bigger grill vents that can be located throughout your home on each floor.

Air makes its way through your returns and down through the cold air plenum.  From there it drops down and passes through your air filter.  Then it continues through your blower fan, where it starts the cycle of delivering heat through the Heat Exchanger or delivering cool air through the A Coil.

Once the air has been heated or cooled and leaves the furnace unit, it goes through something called a bonnet.  The bonnet connects to a large Trunk Line.  The Trunk Line begins to distribute air through round duct runs that connect to your vent covers, located in the suitable rooms of your home.

Air, good or bad, is recycled through your system several times daily.  This is why we say, “If you constantly see dust on your furniture, you’re constantly breathing in the dust as well.”

“Why don’t most homeowners get their Air Duct Systems cleaned?”

Maybe you’re still wondering why you haven’t thought about a thorough cleaning sooner, or why you haven’t heard a lot about this service?  It’s mainly because we never see what’s hidden behind our walls, yet this dirt can cause our negative health reactions.

If there’s one thing that most homeowners have had in common in all of the Air Duct Cleaning in DuPage County IL and greater Chicagoland that we’ve done, it’s this: most homeowners are more often concerned about the condition of what they see.

For example, they call us to clean their carpets when they notice a dirty carpet.  But when it comes to their Air Ducts and Vents and what’s hidden behind their vent covers, it’s usually out-of-sight / out-of-mind!

Air Duct Cleaning in DuPage County IL and greater Chicagoland has become more popular over time.  More awareness is being raised about the quality of indoor air, and these concerns are especially relevant if:

• You’re Expecting a Child / In the Pregnancy Stage

• You have Toddlers or Children at Home

• You’ve Remodeled your home or workspace recently

• You have Respiratory concerns like Asthma or Allergies

The Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

When you want to make sure your indoor air is clean and healthy, call All Brite Air Duct Cleaning professionals in DuPage County IL and greater Chicagoland.  Our professional team will get rid of build-up and contamination from your Air Duct System.

Your system will be free of any unhealthy contaminants and obstructions once All Brite Air Duct Cleaning professionals in DuPage County IL and greater Chicagoland’s work is complete.

We use a powerful vacuum.  Our equipment is designed to clear away any debris or pollutants that have accumulated.  You can expect your Air to be able to flow freely and as a result … Better Recirculating Air Quality.

And an efficiently working air duct system could amount to savings on your energy bills!

Now is time to call the Air Duct Cleaning professionals in DuPage County IL and greater Chicagoland.  If your Air Ducts have been ignored for a while, Call Now!  Or if there was any recent construction or remodeling in your place or nearby.  Or if you have allergies to pets, dust, or other respiratory concerns.

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