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When it comes to your carpeting, it just might be one of the largest investments in your home.  For that reason, you have to regularly maintain it to keep it beautiful, clean, and long-lasting.

Harness the power of steam with All Brite Carpet Cleaning in DuPage County IL and Greater Chicagoland.  Have your carpeting steam cleaned by professionals that reach deep down inside to remove the toughest stains and soils.

Wondering why you need a Carpet Cleaning Service in DuPage County, IL, and greater Chicagoland?  Your carpet requires constant maintenance to look clean, beautiful and have a lasting lifespan.  But more importantly, cleaner carpets mean a healthier home.

All Brite Carpet Cleaning in DuPage County IL and greater Chicagoland offers steam-cleaning services, among other things.  Their professional technicians provide a thorough deep cleaning to ensure your carpets are free, not just from dust and dirt, but also stains and soils.

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Why Professional Carpet Cleaning?

If you’re in DuPage County IL and you’re wondering why you should opt for professional Cleaning, dust continually builds up.  Over time, built up dust, dirt or soil particles accumulate and settle on the carpet.

Dust accumulations ruin the look and feel of the carpet, in addition to reducing its lifespan.  But that’s not all.  All that dust and dirt find its way in between your carpet’s fibers.  And with each step, you now have a sandpaper-like grinding effect taking place.  It doesn’t take long to destroy the fibers, causing wear and tear, especially in heavy traffic areas.

This is the main reason you need Carpet Cleaning in DuPage County IL and greater Chicagoland.

Frequent vacuuming helps, however, it’s not enough!  Like our bodies and our automobiles, there has to be a time to refuel, repair, and even restore, in order to continue.

Therefore, there comes a time when we need professional help.   That’s exactly why you need professional Carpet Cleaning in DuPage County IL or elsewhere.

Steam Cleaning / Hot Water Extraction

Steam Cleaning is also referred to as Hot Water Extraction.  Most professional Carpet Cleaning services in DuPage County IL or elsewhere use this method for the best clean.  Even manufacturers and professionals alike recommend this method because it doesn’t affect your manufacturer’s warranty.

With this method, a pressure is applied to spray a mixture of hot water and soap deep into the carpet fibers.  At the same time, our extraction process is powerfully vacuuming out all the dirt, along with the soap.  These unwelcome substances are removed from deep down and into our machine.

Only All Brite professionals spend adequate time scrubbing to get things thoroughly clean.  In other words, we concentrate more of our time ensuring your carpets are inspected and totally clean bringing back the original beauty and shine!

Cleaning for a Fraction of the Cost of Replacing with New Carpet

Carpet Cleaning services in DuPage County IL and greater Chicagoland is also an economically sound decision too.

Think about what it would cost to replace your carpet, as compared to cleaning it regularly?  Whether you do it yourself or have it installed you want to make sure it’s done right.

If you’re doing it yourself to save money, there are things to consider and many things you need:

  • Tools and Supplies: Tack Strips, Padding, Carpet, Tape for seams, Knee Kicker, Power Stretcher, etc.
  • Labor: layout and cutting of both Padding and Carpeting, attaching seams, trimming around walls and vents, etc
  • Time, depending on size of the project – preparation through cleanup: 1 day

The most inexpensive replacement carpet you might find might cost as little as $3.00 per square foot.  Multiply this amount by the total square feet to figure out your ballpark cost of the project.

Carpet cleaning costs are minimal and you’re getting a restored and refreshed looking carpet.  All this for a fraction of the cost that it would take to buy new carpet and have it installed in your home.

Basic Carpet Cleaning Service

We’ve raised the bar … our basic cleaning includes more because we care about you.  This service includes:

  • Vacuuming
  • Pre-Treating (For Problem Spots and Spills)
  • Steam Cleaning / Agitation / Extraction
  • Mild Deodorizer
  • Optical Color Brightener
  • Basic Furniture Moving
  • Blocking up of Most Furniture

And the best part – We Guarantee the Thorough Cleaning, or our service is FREE!

Once we’re finished, just allow between 12 to 24 hours for dry time for a beautiful optically radiant finish.

We included basic furniture moving, sofas, nightstands, coffee tables, end tables, and other furniture, within reason.  As an added service for our clients – any extra heavy furniture, like a wall unit, a china hutch, bookshelves, electronics, or even beds that have to be disassembled, and pianos – you have the option of having these items moved for an additional fee.

We also ask that you clear knick-knacks off the top of furniture items that you would like us to move, and have any clutter up and off your floor, so that we can make the most of our time cleaning your carpets.

Sanitizing and Disinfecting

When pets are involved, accidents happen and we see that a lot while going out for Carpet Cleaning services in DuPage County IL and greater Chicagoland.  While it might look like the carpet is beyond repair, the good news is that we can handle most accidents.

We take it up a notch and deploy the methods we use for removing those stubborn odors, neutralizing, sanitizing, and deodorizing stains, even if it means that we might have to clean it once more until the stain is nearly removed before we neutralize Odors with an Enzymatic Cleaner.

Carpet Cleaning services in DuPage County IL and greater Chicagoland is more than just cleaning – leave it to the professionals, as they know what’s best.

Stain Protection

For stain resistance, homeowners can ask for products like Stainmaster, Teflon, and Scotchgard, which all prevent future stains from penetrating.

Scotchgard, for example, is a chemical that wraps around the carpet fibers and creates an invisible layer of protection that repels stains and keeps them from sinking into the fibers.  This protectant also makes stain removal easier on the next cleaning appointment.

All said and done, Carpet Cleaning services in DuPage County IL and greater Chicagoland from All Brite Carpet and Air Duct Cleaners is top notch and you get a premium and luxury experience from our team of professionals who offer the highest quality and ethical service for your home, school, or workplace.

If you haven’t had your Carpets Cleaned in a while, now is the time to schedule your appointment.

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