What Is Air Duct Cleaning?

Air Quality is So Bad. Air Duct Cleaning Needed.


All Brite’s Air Duct Cleaning Service helps give you Healthy Indoor Air [10 Step Process].

Air Duct Cleaning is a cleaning process.  Its focus is on removing contaminants, air pollutants, dust, debris, animal dander, and allergens in forced air heating and cooling duct systems.  Air Duct Systems are found in most residential, industrial, and commercial properties.

Poor air quality can be an unseen contributing factor to larger health concerns, specifically, individuals with serious respiratory health issues, asthma, or allergies.

The most powerful Air Duct Cleaning Vacuum Equipment in the industry is recommended.  It’s designed and built to create the Negative Air Flow, needed, to remove even the worst contaminants.

This equipment utilizes technical and mechanical, and many times draws on creative factors to help remove contaminants and air pollutants.  The right team, utilizing this equipment with these factors will improve the air quality where you live, study, work or spend time with others.

Little Red Riding Hood

I think of the story of Little Red Riding Hood, the fairy tale about a young girl and a Big Bad Wolf when I hear stories about customers past experiences.  The story is symbolic of the never-ending fight between good and evil, greed, responsibility, and second chances.

More to the point, it teaches us to use caution.  Let me explain because we need to exercise caution when we’re looking for Air Duct Cleaning in Chicagoland and we need to make the right choice.

Remember Little Red’s grandmother lived alone in the forest and one-day grandma fell ill?  Red asked her mother if she could go visit her grandmother, and her mother got a basket of goods together and told her, “Don’t stray from the path and don’t talk to strangers.”

She stressed how the woods are dangerous.  To which Little Red replied, “I’ll be careful”

But then as Red went along the way, she quickly forgot about her mother’s warning and didn’t notice a dark shadow approaching from out of the forest.  It was the wolf.

The wolf, in his friendliest voice, he asked her, “What are you doing out here little girl?”  She told him about her granny’s bad health and where her granny lives.  Then the wolf tricked her into stopping to pick some flowers.  This was to buy him enough time to run ahead to granny’s house where he got inside and gobbled her up.

Then, dressing in grandma’s nightgown and cap, pretending to be her grandmother he waited for Little Red Riding Hood to get there.  All to eat her and her basket of goods, as well.

If you’re wondering what Little Red Riding Hood has to do with Air Duct Cleaning … In Chicagoland … The Same Warning Is Important To You!

So, keep all of this in mind, because looking at the nation’s landscape, it’s really hard to trust strangers with all the scams we hear of.  Here’s just a few:

  • Scam artists take advantage of the elderly
  • Some scams even take advantage of people who want to donate to a good cause
  • Computer Hackers gain access to files and information stored on computers
  • Counterfeiters make fake money
  • Back in the 1920’s, The Eiffel Tower in Paris was even sold as part of a scam, twice!

If you read this article through to the end you can learn which scams watch out for to protect yourself.  Then you can take action safely.

But like Red’s mother said, “Just don’t stray from the path.” These Woods can be dangerous, too

A majority of the homes in America are heated with gas fired forced air furnaces (60%).  Chances are that yours is one of them.

Through years of use, your ductwork can become littered and filled with dust, debris, and a host of other unthinkable matters.  These matters find themselves in our breathing air, recirculating unhealthy dust-filled irritants, every day.

Your ductwork will, at some point, need cleaning.  The drawback is that Air Duct Cleaning is not a do-it-yourself job.  You will need to hire a professional.  This Industry is a highly competitive one. Here in Chicagoland, you can be confronted with a lot of information that you’ll have to filter through.

There are so many options to choose from.  You’ll find an ad in the mail, or the newspaper, or find a coupon on Groupon, or LivingSocial, or a post on Facebook.

You can try to figure out this whole “Get an appointment approach,” but what’s the best way to do it?  How are we able to figure this out, as well as not go down the wrong path?  Because you can spend money, and go the wrong direction.  I have.  I’ve been there before.

There are a lot of businesses to choose from, who say they know Air Duct Cleaning.  It doesn’t matter where you live. Here in Chicagoland or elsewhere, many businesses have no clue what they’re doing, or worse, they have no concern for the quality of their work.

So you can spend, and spend, and get no results, no results … company after company after company.  Until finally, you say, “I’ve got to figure this out.  I have to do something.”  Because you don’t know if they know what they’re talking about, or not.  They sound like they do.

Maybe you’ve been in this situation before.  They say all the right buzzwords … give you all the right clues.  But they just don’t deliver.  They don’t get the results for you.  It’s not your fault.  You just don’t know. My wife has a saying she is, “People deserve their money’s worth. They work hard for their money.”

And so, I’ve taken the time.  I’ve learned.  I’ve educated myself, on and off the job, and got to really understand all of the ins and outs of Air Duct Cleaning, and what it takes to deliver the results you deserve.

On your end, the crucial part you’re trying to avoid is becoming a victim of a scam or paying out good money for a lousy job.  Because lots of scammers that plague our society have targeted this Industry.

The rest of this article will discuss what you should and shouldn’t do.  Stay on the path.

How to Avoid the Scams

It’s really disappointing to have to say this, but because we live here in this huge metropolitan Chicagoland area, it has to be said. Afterall, between Chicago and Suburbs, there are nearly four million people that live here, and this translates to opportunity for the bad guys.

That’s why you’ve got to keep your eyes open for the “Blow-and-Go” and the “Bait-and-Switch” guys.  These guys promote great sounding, low-cost offers, and promises of delivering results – but they usually don’t.”

A “Bait-and-Switch” tactic occurs when a business advertises an amazing deal over the phone to get the victims trust.  They get you to agree to schedule an appointment.  But once they arrive, they switch the price – higher.

A “blow-and-go” company is going to give you the service at a minimal fee.  The results will match their fee, from arrival to departure.  Operative Word: “The Results.”  They’ll complete the job in minimal time, too.  They blow and “Go” running to get to the next victim.  You get what you pay for.It should raise suspicion if you hear of either

It should raise suspicion if you hear of either of these tactics that promise great sounding prices.

Not all Businesses are bad, but there are many that are, and some that are in the middle. Welcome to Chicagoland.

These businesses set several appointments for each team daily.  Their employees will use the clock, to pretend to clean your Air Ducts for a while.  They’ll actually clean just what you can see so that when the time is right, they can pack up, and move on to the next appointment.

There is no job complete.  No job well-done.  No deep clean.  They will have left behind a huge percentage of what you paid them to clean.  And after their so-called cleaning, every time your forced air system kicks on, it will recirculate that dust and dirt they left behind.  The same old air for you breathe.

Hiring a company that misleads the public like this typically results in a meager job performance.  It hardly ever turns out good.  If you fall victim to setting an appointment with one, what should you look out for?

Once either of these offenders arrives, they’ll do one of two things:

They’ll claim that your place doesn’t qualify for that great low-cost deal, and will commence upselling to get more dollars out of their victim.

Even if you fall victim, and the scam works according to their design and you pay their additional up charges, you still won’t get a good job out of it. Their team will clean as little as possible because they will care less about the quality of the work.

These tactics are common for people who shop, based on price/deals.  And everyone loves a great deal. Afterall, that is step one of the ruse …  find those that are hungry for a deal.

On any given day, these ruses are used with great success.  So, be cautious of who you let into your home because if they slip by you after they finish you’ll be surprised at what you find.

You might say, “I’ll hire the company I choose, and if they try this with me, I show them who’s boss.  Okay, but this is Chicagoland. The land of Al Capone, and the street thugs. If you stand your ground with success, the offenders will concede in the first round, only to come back to win in another.  They’ll just mask their mean-spirited performance and make lots of activity that produces shoddy results.

If you’re considering Air Duct Cleaning, based on cost, in Chicagoland here’s what you’ve got to know …

“Cheap labor usually doesn’t come Skilled … And Skilled Labor usually doesn’t come Cheap.”

The Task of Air Duct Cleaning involves at least a couple of workers and lots of costly equipment.  And done the right way, quite a few hours of labor.  This is why the Environmental Protection Agency suggests that the cost of Air Duct Cleaning in Chicagoland can range from $450 to $1,000 per heating and cooling system.

Therefore, to ensure yourself the best chance of getting the results you want, follow our 10 Steps to Professional Air Duct Cleaning as your blueprint when you’re in the market for this project.  It’ll bring you up to speed.  Every word is written with the intent to help you understand what to expect, ask for, and look for, in order to solve this predicament.

10 Steps to Professional Air Duct Cleaning
  1. MAKING SURE TO USE THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT – A home’s Air Duct System can get multi-directional, and even multi-level. For this reason, the most powerful Air Duct Cleaning Vacuum Equipment in the industry is always recommended, because the equipment is designed and built to create the Negative Air Flow, needed, to remove even the worst contaminants.  Even the simplest of duct systems are still not a job for a shop vac or a carpet cleaning machine.
  2. POWERFUL VAC – Your System’s Main Trunk Lines allow us access to connect either a 12” or 8″ Vacuum PVC hose.  From this point, our Negative Air Duct Cleaning Machine creates the Negative Air Flow needed to remove the toughest dirt, dust, and contaminants that are hiding in the system.
  3. ATTENTION GIVEN TO EACH REGISTER AND BOOT -The first thing you see when you remove your floor register is a metal box.  That initial metal area behind your register is called a “stack-boot.”  We remove the register, vacuum and wipe each one, spray a mild degreasing agent on the surface, and clean them with a soft cotton towel.
  4. BLOCKING OFF: MAXIMUM VACUUM TO THE SUPPLY SIDE – Once the 12” or 8″ hose is connected to your system, the huge vacuum fan on the Negative Air Duct Machine starts pulling air from each room down through the ductwork.  We, then, start the process of blocking off certain registers and/or furnace air filter.  This helps to Maximize suction.
  5. THE USE OF AGITATION – Once the entire duct system is under negative pressure, pulling large volumes of air in the direction of our vacuum hose, we start the agitation process, sending in our soft rubber, high-pressure scrubbing tools down each of the supply lines, working our way down towards the main trunk lines and furnace. This process lifts up and removes every trace of dirt, dust, pollen, and pet dander that has collected through the years.
  6. MAXIMUM VACUUM TO THE COLD AIR RETURN SIDE – When the work on the supply side is complete, we move to the cold-air return side. The return grilles are removed, one by one, and cleaned in the same manner as the Supply Side.
  7. YOUR MAIN TRUNK LINES AND PLENUMS – Once your ductwork is complete, we turn our attention to the main trunk lines and plenums on the system’s supply and return sides, using our specialized scrubbing tools.  Small 1″ access openings allow us to reach different sections of the ducts, to assist in moving the dirt and debris toward the attached vacuum hose.
  8. BLOWER FAN / COIL CLEANING – The final steps are the attention given to the cleaning of the coil, the blower fan inside the fan chamber, and your filter, which is vacuumed and air swept, before being reinserted.
  9. THE WRAP-UP – New Galvanized Patches are installed over the openings we created for the PVC Vacuum Hose, by sealing with aluminum tape, and the use of self-tapping screws.  Small 1” Plastic Duct Plugs are used to seal the 1” access points to the trunk lines and plenums.  We leave, taking the debris collected with us.
  10. THE MOST IMPORTANT FINAL NOTE – The whole process, from our experience, never takes less than four hours for any single HVAC system.  Depending on the size of your property, and/or the complexity of your Air Duct System, to be done properly, your cleaning could take four to seven hours for just one single HVAC system.  If your property has two furnace systems, expect a cleaning crew to take, at the very least, eight hours to clean both, combined.


At first glance, in Chicagoland or anywhere else a low-cost advertised deal sounds great. And the idea of a great deal can stick on your brain.  But Air Duct Cleaning is not as cheap as these deceitful businesses make it seem.

Many people hire these companies and don’t get good results.  They spend way too much money for nothing to get done.  But now … you’ll be able to set this service up for your own property and minimize your own risk with these 10 Steps.

The Task of Air Duct Cleaning involves at least a couple of workers and lots of costly equipment.  Done the right way, quite a few hours of labor, which is why the Environmental Protection Agency states that the cost of Air Duct Cleaning can range from $450 to $1,000 per heating and cooling system.

My challenge to you is … Don’t stray from the path.  Don’t rely on someone else you’ve only met once on the phone, thinking “Boy, this guy knows what he’s talking about.  Do some research.  Study.  Do some digging.  Figure this out, so that you know.  And you’ll know if he’s doing it right … because once you have the right information, people can’t take advantage of you anymore.

All of this will help you choose a reputable business in Chicagoland.  You’ll find that their rates are not fake.  They’re real.  They may not be cheap, and they may sound expensive, but they charge an honest price for honest work.


What’s been your experience?  If there’s anything you’d like to add to this article, from an experience you’ve personally had with Air Duct Cleaning, we want to hear it.